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About Us

The Texas Calendar Girls is a calendar and promotional modeling company that helps young ladies pursue their dreams of modeling and entertainment throughout the state of Texas.  Our models are beautiful and intelligent.  Who says you can’t be smart and beautiful?  The Texas Calendar Girls were founded by model and actress April Givens.  Her vision is to represent women with class and sophistication.  The promotional models are available for event marketing, event staffing, and promotions. These girls have an array of experience and would love to spice up your event. If interested in booking the calendar girls for your events visit our contact us page.



 The Texas Calendar Girls will have a photo shoot for VIP models in one of the major cities throughout Texas four times a year. 


Nightlife Events

 The Texas Calendar Girls VIP serve as eye candy at high profile events in the state of Texas offering entertainment, door handlers, event marketing, and data collection.


Corporate Marketing

 Various companies throughout Texas use the Texas Calendar Models to represent their company "Brand" by being spokesmodels at company events, disseminating literature, and advertising the product for that company.



Street team promotions, Music artist promotion, Print modeling promotions, Fashion designer promotions

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